Friday, June 26, 2009

One Year Later

It's been one year since I've last posted anything. A lot has happened since then and Mom had promised to help me post more since I do more then eat, fart, and chew things up now. I have grown a lot, even though I'm still the Baby Girl.

The biggest news is that I got new siblings!

The best one is Pulver. I didn't like him much when he first got here but now he's my best friend. He got really really sick last week and had to go to the vet for 6 days. I didn't know why he left me so I was beside myself with worry..but he's back now. He's a little skinnier then when he left but he's home so that is what matters. I'm kind of upset though because Mom and Dad won't let us play too much until he goes back to where he was for a check up.
The only bad thing about him, besides the fact that he slobs all over everything, is that he won't open the door himself. He'll sit outside and whine until someone opens the door for him, even if it's already partially open!

Here is a picture of us together.

My other brother is okay, although he doesn't really like to leave the top of the washing machine if he can help it. I don't see him much since I'm not allowed back there. His name is Oliver Boliver Butt.

Then Mom and Dad came home with a baby for me! I love my baby and try to take care of her all the time. Mom won't let me though since she says she needs time to be on her own and grow up, and that they really brought her home for Mom and not me. You can tell from the pictures though that she really loves me more then Mom. Her name is Diva, but Mom calls her Little Miss Thing quite a bit.
My last sibling I never get to see. She lives on top of the bookcase. Her name is Cookie. She did get out of her cage yesterday and had quite an adventure running around the house for a day. Mom saw her out of the corner of her eye under the entertainment center and Dad was able to catch her and get her back to her home so everything is fine again.

I guess that is enough for now. That is all the new members of my family. I will be back to post about my day soon!