Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Midnight Walk (Mom needs advice)

It's been too hot to go outside in the evening so Mom and Dad decided to do a walk at Midnight tonight.
Walks are hard around here because it's hard for Mom (and Dad sometimes) to walk us. We like to pull, me more then Pulver.
Mom needs advice on what kind of collar to use for when we walk. She's looked things up but everyone has a different opinion. She would love to know what worked with you guys. She was told to use a gentle leader but then read that they aren't good because they cause neck problems, so she's not sure what to use now.
She could also use some pointers (or websites with pointers) on how to train us. She realizes that we should have started training a long time ago but is hoping this is one of those "it's better late then never" things. She would love to take us to obedience class but it's out of our price range right now.

We would love to go on more walks but if we can't find something that works for us and Mom and Dad then we aren't going to get any.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Treats, treats, and more treats

Mom has been making more treats. She's not sure about them though. She says they all smell and look the same no matter what is in them. Pulver and I haven't complained about any of them though. She seems to be having fun trying new recipes and it keeps her entertained.
So far she has made plain ones, peanut butter, beef flavored, banana, and oatmeal. She also makes them into shapes. She said it's because it makes it harder for Pulver to get the whole thing in his mouth at one time. I think she just likes doing it for fun.

These are what she's made so far: kitty cat (it started as a frog, but she said if she was going to send any to Cousin Peanut that we can't send frogs because his mom is scared of them. So she turned them into cats) butterflies, some kind of turtle/dog thing (she doesn't know what it's supposed to be) hearts, and pumpkins/apples. Mom says she is sorry the picture isn't that great. It was hard to get one with me and Pulver there.

I think Dad is starting to get upset though because Mom hasn't made him any cookies yet. She said she made him layered jello though and that takes forever so he should just be happy with that and wait for cookies.

I know that Pulver and I are happy, and that is what is important!

Pulver is Fine

He didn't have any alien surgeries or anything. Mom said the picture was a bad angle and didn't mean to scare anyone. She has rotated the picture and labeled it so you can all see that Pulver DOES still have a body, and is not just a floating head.
He was kind of excited that he scared people because he's such a big baby that he doesn't scare people too often.

He has really floppy flabber jabbers and they seem to have a mind of their own. Which is why it's all laid out on Mom. She said it's lucky she had a blanket over her or she would have been covered in slob.

Monday, July 13, 2009

We are trying out mobile blogging

Mom isn't sure how well this is going to work. She tried sending it
through texts but none of them would send, so she's trying through email instead.

This is Pulver laying on Mom the other day.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Mom Is A Liar!

She just told me to tell you all that Oliver doesn't get in the bed she bought because of his leg. Well I snuck into the laundry room and look what I saw! Mom says that she hasn't seen him in the bed. I think she should do more laundry so she can figure out what is going on in her house!!

Sleepy Sunday

This is normally Pulver's bed, but I took it because he took mine.
Do you see him sleeping in MY pink bed?Oliver sleeps on the tote because we found out that he has a dislocated hip that never got fixed. We didn't know that when we got him or he would have been taken to the vet straight away. He will be going soon to see what they say. The people we got him from said he was up to date on his shots but never said anything about his bad leg. Mom noticed that he always sits with the one leg straight out and has kind of a limp so Dad asked about it. He was told Oliver's leg was dislocated and never put back right. :( Mom is hoping that he will start sleeping on the blanket she put back there for him. Mom bought Oliver this bed before she knew about his leg but he doesn't like it because there isn't room for his leg to be stretched out. So Diva took it instead.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

I don't think there is anything wrong with it but Mom says there is. What do you think?
Nothing right? Except that the little tomatoes from the other plants are still green. Well Mom thinks there is something wrong with it and says I have to put a before picture up.She woke up the other day and let us out. When she came out to get us she noticed that all the tomatoes, which were almost ready to eat, were gone. On the ground was a 1/2 eaten green one. Now she is mad, but the good thing is she doesn't know who to be mad at because she doesn't know which one of us did it! Of course that works the other way too because she's slightly peeved at both of us.

She is making Dad figure out how to keep us away from the tomatoes because we also ate the almost ready yellow cherry tomatoes and then just help ourselves to the green ones and break her plants.

Plus I have grown a fondness of trying to eat my boy's sunflowers, which he hasn't even seen yet so she isn't happy with that either.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Please excuse our messy house. My mom is a slob.
This is when we first brought Pulver home.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mom Made Us Treats

Mom decided that she was going to try and make us treats since she can't find any around that are a size she likes for us. She's always afraid that Pulver is just going to swallow one whole and choke on it. She figured she could make us some that are big enough he has to chew them.
She found a basic recipe and made it. She wasn't very happy with them but Pulver and I had no complaints. However she isn't sure if she wants to make them again. She said she wants to find a better recipe but that there are about a billion recipes out there. She isn't sure which ones to make. She doesn't want to waste a lot of money and food stuffs making ones she isn't happy with.
So if anyone has any good tried and true recipes out there can you send them to us? I need more treats!
There is a Banana Cinnamon Biscuits recipe listed on Life With Big Dogs! Mom says that she is going to try those since they have been Great Dane approved, but would love to have some more recipes.

Do People Buy This Stuff?

My Mom was looking through craigslist and found a website selling what they call Rear Gear. Apparently we are supposed to hang what looks like a cheap air freshener off our butts. This is supposed to look better and make us feel less self conscience? If I had something hanging off my butt I'd be in another room hiding. I don't even notice my butt unless I have to poop. Why would I want something hanging from my tail and knocking into my butt when I walk?
Mom said it would be pointless anyway since my tail covers my butt most of the time, but that she wouldn't even put it on Oliver who has a tail that is in the air. She can't figure out how people come up with these ideas.

Friday, July 3, 2009

We Had A Plan..

..and it worked. Pulver and I figured out that if we start barking at the door at 7:00am that Dad would get up and see who was at the door, since we don't usually bark unless someone is there. It totally worked! He got up and opened the door to look. We used that as an opening to run out the door. He figured he might as well smoke while he waited for us. He got done and called us back inside (this is where the plan really comes into play.) Instead of heading back to bed he wandered down the hall to the bathroom leaving his side of the bed open for the taking! By the time he got out of the bathroom we had already claimed our spot in the big bed with Mom.
It didn't last long because Mom got up shortly after and her and Dad left us home while they went to garage sales. Oh well, it was totally worth it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Biggest Water Bowl Ever

Mom and Dad came home with this water bowl from Grammies. It is the biggest and best bowl ever! I waited until it was full to have a drink but Pulver couldn't wait.