Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Treats, treats, and more treats

Mom has been making more treats. She's not sure about them though. She says they all smell and look the same no matter what is in them. Pulver and I haven't complained about any of them though. She seems to be having fun trying new recipes and it keeps her entertained.
So far she has made plain ones, peanut butter, beef flavored, banana, and oatmeal. She also makes them into shapes. She said it's because it makes it harder for Pulver to get the whole thing in his mouth at one time. I think she just likes doing it for fun.

These are what she's made so far: kitty cat (it started as a frog, but she said if she was going to send any to Cousin Peanut that we can't send frogs because his mom is scared of them. So she turned them into cats) butterflies, some kind of turtle/dog thing (she doesn't know what it's supposed to be) hearts, and pumpkins/apples. Mom says she is sorry the picture isn't that great. It was hard to get one with me and Pulver there.

I think Dad is starting to get upset though because Mom hasn't made him any cookies yet. She said she made him layered jello though and that takes forever so he should just be happy with that and wait for cookies.

I know that Pulver and I are happy, and that is what is important!


Mango said...

I bet you would share those cookies with dad. Right?


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

They look yummy!

I'm sure Khousin Peanut will enjoy them!


Moco said...

We should get some cookies also. Did you guys get any of the layered jello? No! Why does your dad need cookies?

Peanut said...

mom says frogs would be okay since we could eat them