Friday, July 17, 2009

Midnight Walk (Mom needs advice)

It's been too hot to go outside in the evening so Mom and Dad decided to do a walk at Midnight tonight.
Walks are hard around here because it's hard for Mom (and Dad sometimes) to walk us. We like to pull, me more then Pulver.
Mom needs advice on what kind of collar to use for when we walk. She's looked things up but everyone has a different opinion. She would love to know what worked with you guys. She was told to use a gentle leader but then read that they aren't good because they cause neck problems, so she's not sure what to use now.
She could also use some pointers (or websites with pointers) on how to train us. She realizes that we should have started training a long time ago but is hoping this is one of those "it's better late then never" things. She would love to take us to obedience class but it's out of our price range right now.

We would love to go on more walks but if we can't find something that works for us and Mom and Dad then we aren't going to get any.


Mango said...

Oh dear, that is very challenging, especially with big dogs such as yourselves.

I used a gentle leader front clip harness until I outgrew the biggest one. I think the nose one would be fine for you too, but it is less comfortable.

You should talk to Honey
She is better at walkies than I am (actually, I no longer even go on walkies... long story... but I have a nice big yard to play in).

Momma says go to a good obedience class because it really helps to practice with other doggies and get the mentals support.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I khan't help woo much...

Mom uses a WolfPack Limited Slip fur my walking khollar - I've got a bukhkle one fur my kharabiner and tether...

Some of my mom's other Sibes were pullers - she had good lukhk with
fur her khraziest one...

I KNOW woo will get some good advice 'here'


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...
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Peanut said...

We have no advice. I am actually a very good walker. Flash is an idiot but it's not so bad since he isn't to big

Life With Dogs said...

Martingale collars are good for reasonable dogs. Tough cases might require (here comes a bad word) a pinch collar. I have had two dogs that really needed them - for the safety of all! :)

Lindsay said...

Heffner is more of a consistent puller than Bess is. Bess is more of a sporadic chaser when she sees a squirel or cat in the neighborhood. If I'm walking the dogs separately, I use just a regular collar and leash and prefer the martingale collars. If I'm walking both of them, Heffner gets the gentle leader and Bess is on a regular collar because she'll listen a little bit better. Gentle leaders can be not so great for their necks, but that's more if you're letting them run to the of the leash and letting it snap tight. If you do gradual pressure, they get used to the idea and it shouldn't hurt their necks. Usually just putting it on is enough for them to know not to pull. That should do for walks in the present, for future walks, lots of training is best.

brooke said...

Hi! Found your blog through bess and heffners. Saw this post and was wondering what your solution was. Darwin can be a puller when she's really excited, and I turned to a pinch collar, though only have used it once, but it worked!
We also have a harness for her where the leash clips near her chest and that works well too, but she's starting to out grow it and we don't know if they make a bigger size.