Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My bed of fluff

My mom had to leave the other day so she put me in my kennel. The day before that I had an accident in there and Mom had to wash my bed. She forgot to put it back until she was leaving so she just stuffed the inside back in the cover and threw it into my kennel....poor Mom forgot to zip it up. When she got back I had pulled a little of the stuffing out of it. She tried to zip it up then but I had pulled the zipper off so she couldn't. She didn't know what else to do so just left it in there. The next day she had to put me in there again and when she got home this is what she saw.
It looks worse then this now...Mom says that she is going to take the fluff and put it in my other bed..then she has to figure out what to do for my kennel...but she said that she can't leave the fluff there because I try to eat it and the boy takes it out and plays with it.


Tadpole said...

Ahahaha! That's awesome! (although I LOVE to hear about pooping and eating and chewing shoes, too....) I do that to stuffies, but I've never tackled HUGE BED before - you've given me a goal now!

And my girl is totally in love with you, just from that picture. She thinks BIG DOGS are too cool for skool. I prefer to believe that GREAT things come in small packages (like me).

Oh, by the way - I'm Peanut's friend... welcome! :-)

Peanut said...

Oh man hahahahahahaha to funny. Your boy would so play with that fluff. Mine would too. mom says just put some blankets in there or something. We have just sheets in our dog bed.
Hey you need to introduce everyone to the family. you should make that your next post.

happy said...

Hello Diamond! Just dropping by from Peanut's. Hehehe..all that fluff sounds great fun to me.

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

Soo funny--Destructive Diamond!!
Welcome to the blogging world : )


Moco said...

Good job, Diamond. Did Grammie teach you? She would have thought it a way to torture the girl called Shalon.

Sophie Brador said...

Diamond, I remember the good old days of bed shredding. I was kind of sad to grow out of them, although having a comfy bed is kind of nice. Great to meet you!


wally said...

Hi! I came from Peanut's blog and that picture is AWESOME. That is some follow-through there.


The Puppies said...

Opal likes to destroy beds in her kennel too, so now she just gets towels, which she rips to shreds when she has been left too long in there! We like your blog- you sure are a pretty pup!
the puppies