Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Family

Peanut told me that I should tell you about myself and introduce my family.

I'm a seven month old Great Dane. My favorite hobbies are sleeping, pooping, chewing on mom's shoes, ripping the stuffing out of anything I can find, playing with Dad and digging at the fence so I can try and make a hole big enough for me or Boss (the Bull Mastiff puppy next door) to get through. I also like to get in the garbage can but Mom put a gate across the kitchen so I only get in there when someone forgets to close it..which isn't often enough in my opinion.

This is a picture of me when Mom and Dad first brought me home. I was about 3 months old.

This is a picture of me now.

This is my mom..she's the one that lets me use the computer..but only if I don't, as she says, slob all over it. She's the one that makes sure I have food and water and gives me most of the treats. She also throws the Jolly Ball for me. However, she isn't that great because she won't let me sleep on the big bed.

This is my dad..he's great. He's the one that throws the the tennis ball for me and takes me for walks. He also gives me treats. Plus he lets me sleep on the big bed with him. Dad is my favorite person.

This is my boy. He's pretty cool. I try and play with him but I knock him over a lot of the time. I don't mean to..he's just not very big yet. He likes to race me and see who can get to the tennis ball first. I usually win since my legs are longer. He likes having me in his room but mom won't let me stay in there. She says I'll treat it like a stuffie buffet. He would blow bubbles for me to pop all day if Mom would let us. She thinks the bubble solution probably isn't that good for me. He likes to give me treats too!

This is my part time boy. He's only here some of the time..but I like him too. He doesn't like to play with me much because I'm too hyper..but he likes to give me treats so he's okay in my book.

And just for good measure here's a picture of Peanut's girl my mom took today


Moco said...

What a odd, strange lot we are!

Peanut said...

it's the whole dang family. We are glad to see them all. My girl looks like she was having fun.

Frasier said...

Hi Diamond,
Came over to visit from Peanuts blog.We enjoy reading all the other blogs and you sound like you have loads of fun too!

Tatum Tot said...

Man I really want to come visit you get treats from all those hoomans! I think you'd beat me to the ball too, you do have long legs! The Mum here always said she loves great danes but I never seen one until you! You are cute but you look exactly the same in the first two pictures except bigger in the second one, you must like to sleep! I like to run and play and hop like a bunny and play with other dogs and I would love to play with you!

happy said...

What a lovely family you have, Diamond! I can see that you chill out a lot too :-)

Tadpole said...

Diamond! (my girl's in love with you, by the way. and Peanut too. i mean she's in love with Peanut too, not that Peanut's in love with you too. anyway.) You sleep the exact same way that you did when you were a baby! So cute! And EVERYBODY at your house gives you treats! You lucky dog....